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All Songs A Creative Mind The First Fight
Mind Struck Track [Prod. By T-Rhythm]
#389 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Mind Struck Track [Prod. By T-Rhythm]
The First Fight
Dirty South
Length: 2:15
On Network Since Sep 12, 2011
What You Asking Feat. Fatal
#920 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
What You Asking Feat. Fatal
A Creative Mind
Dirty South
Length: 2:18
On Network Since Nov 15, 2009
3D Dion
SongVault Certified Artist 3D Dion

Louisiana, United States

Dirty South / HipHop / Rap

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Dion Maurice Lorenzo Hood (Young Militant), Was Born On June 5,1991 In Birminham,AL. At The Age Of 3 He Moved To Louisiana & Continued Raising There. Young Militant Started His Share In Rapping At 14 Years Old. From Ultimate Expereince Of A Wettermark Project Appartment. Young Militant Grew Up On Artists Like Jay-Z, Common, Juvenile, B.G. & Fabolous. But Never The Less, He Set His Own Trend Of Rapping In 2008. Meeting Up With Old Friend/Artist Deray Da King To Start Up Their Own Invention. They Started On Indie Track In 2008 ``Jewelz In Da Necklace`` Which Is Now Become A Shock To The World. But Before Then Young Militant, Was Already Facing Some Internal Problems. At The Age Of 13 Young Militant Was Arrested For Possession Of An Illegal Weapon. He Spent 10-12 Days In A Juvenile Detintion Center In Alexandria,LA. The Time That Was Spent In Detintion Center, He Learned Two Wrongs Don`t Make A Right. But The Elevation Has Increased, From Being Local Into Being Nationally Known. Young Militant Has An Trademark Deal For $5k To Rawkus Entertainment Located In New York. He Is Now Currently Working On His New Album `` A Creative Mind``. Young Militant Has Done It All & See It All. After First Track `` What You Asking For`` Has Made It`s Mark. He Determined To Keep Working Until Its No Time Left For Him.
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