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How Long
Red Rows
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Amanda Mabro
SongVault Certified Artist Amanda Mabro

Quebec, Canada

Indie Pop / Jazz

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After working in film and theatre, Montreal singer-songwriter Amanda Mabro was offered a scholarship to AMDA in New York City. However, when she was awarded the FACTOR demo grant, she decided to remain in Montreal to continue developing a then newly forged musical partnership with her now long time collaborator Cozmos Quazar.

In the years that followed, Mabro took an astonishingly rich voice and, with producer/co-writer Cozmos Quazer, crafted a sound that fuses the smooth and sultry vocal stylings of jazz legends, the raw energy of indie-rock and blues, and the mysterious theatrical flare of German and French Cabaret. Her music embodies a fresh exuberance and intensity that jazz based music has seen too little of the past three decades.

With the release of her critically acclaimed debut record "Superwoman In The Making", Mabro was put on the map with significant airplay on both college and major radio stations across Canada. Mabro wowed audiences with her high energy performances at venues and festivals across the country with her 2 cross Canada tours in 2006, performances at NXNE and Festiblues, and several shows in New York City. Critics were quick to take notice, with reviews like "Mabro has molded a unique sound that's steeped in tradition and topped with modern texture and sass" (Chartattack)and "Mabro's music lives and breathes" (Montreal Mirror). The diverse line-up of her live show allows for the gripping subtlety and dynamism of the music to permeate even the toughest of crowds, leaving audiences breathless and satisfied.

Mabro has also shared the stage with world renowned performers Celine Dion, Jorane, Luck Mervil, Les Respectables, and many more at the Montreal Bell Centre to an audience of 15,000 for an internationally televised charity event for the Red Cross. Mabro and her band have gone on to share the stage with many different Canadian and American artists including Vanessa Carlton, Raul Midon, Lullaby Baxter, Bob Egan, and many others.

Enthusiasm for Amanda's vocal prowess and ineffable presence continues to grow and expand throughout Canada and the US—and has been heightened following the success of the Annual WAWA Show—a multi-disciplinary festival promoting women in the arts created and produced in Montreal by Mabro since 2003.

Mabro's current projects include the relase of her new EP "Red Rows", the 4th edition of "The WAWA show!" this past May, an upcoming performance at the Toronto Jazz Festival in June, another upcoming performance at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal in July, and Mabro's highly anticipated multimedia event "What's your Pleasure?" happening in late 2008 early 2009

Other Projects: Amanda also provided keys and backing vocals for Cozmos Quazar’s solo project "Cozmos Quazar & The Glass Genius". They shared the stage with Franz Ferdinand, The Snitches, Elevator, and Arcade Fire.

2008- Red Rows EP - Bitchin' Empire
2006 - Superwoman in the Making - XXI-21 RECORDS / SRI
2004 - One Fine Man - single
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