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All Songs Annie Labrecque Paulin - Maritime Idol Winner 2011 I found in you
No Pain No Gain
#78 in Country SongVault Certified
No Pain No Gain
Annie Labrecque Paulin - Maritime Idol Winner 2011
Length: 3:24
On Network Since Dec 19, 2011
All I Ever Wanted
#482 in Pop SongVault Certified
All I Ever Wanted
Soft Rock
Length: 4:15
On Network Since Sep 28, 2011
I found in you
#489 in Pop SongVault Certified
I found in you
I found in you
Soft Rock
Length: 4:44
On Network Since Oct 26, 2011
Annie Labrecque
SongVault Certified Artist Annie Labrecque

New Brunswick, Canada

Pop / Power Pop

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Annie Labrecque (Paulin from her first marriage) (born May 29th, 1978) is a Canadian singer who started her first album as the winner of the fifth season of Maritime Idol in 2011. Labrecque is presently recording her album which will be released later on in 2011.

Her debut album will include 6 original songs and 6 cover songs. Titles haven�t been released yet. This album will be produced by the Maritime Idol producer as a result of Labrecque�s winning.

During her childhood, Labrecque performed at various talent shows, starting at just 4 years old, and sang at her local church for Christmas Mass and numerous weddings since she was 14. She later sang for local events in Restigouche Country such as YWK events, pageants, talent shows, Electoral Events. She was chosen to perform the Theme song of �Les jeux de l�Acadie� in 2004 which was televised at Radio Canada.

Labrecque was born to Raymond Labrecque and Suzanne Doucet on May 29th, 1978, in Dalhousie, New Brunswick Canada. She was raised in the family home in Balmoral New Brunswick. Her father worked in a Mechanic and Excavator Operator, while her mother was a stay at home mom. She has one older brother, Pascal. She is also a proud mother of Emma born March 2002.
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