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Get The F#ck Out My Way
#636 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Get The F#ck Out My Way
Dirty South
Length: 3:55
On Network Since Jan 26, 2016
#637 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Dirty South
Length: 3:47
On Network Since Jan 26, 2016
Boo Smith tha Beast
SongVault Certified Artist Boo Smith tha Beast

Alabama, United States

Dirty South / HipHop / Rap

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Torrence Smith better known to rap fans as Boo Smith aka The Beast is a 34 year old rap artist from Tuscaloosa Alabama. His passion for music started as a boy when he would record and memorize his favorite rap songs from Birmingham's hip hop radio station 95.7 Jamz. At the age of 13 his passion grew from memorizing songs to writing and free styling his own rap verses.

Soon after at the age of 15 life changed when Boo's older bother (Edrick Smith) moved from Alabama to Raleigh North Carolina and the family decided to follow suit and also moved. Once in Raleigh, high school coaches took notice of Boo's size and encouraged him to pursue football were he excelled quickly. During the same time Boo was also excelling in his rap ability by improving his writing and at that point started recording his own songs. Still improving musically after graduating high school Boo's skills on the football field earned him a full scholarship to play at Troy State University in Troy Alabama.

Once at Troy friend's quickly learned that boo wrote and recorded his own songs. From that, one of his friends from the team introduced him to a local producer nicked name Shake 3. Through working with Shake 3 boo was able to get a reliable opinion on his lyrics and delivery plus gained a steady stream of beat production to record to while he was in school. After working with Shake 3 for little over a year Boo left Troy State and decided to move back to Raleigh. With some encouragement from his older brother and his friend and now manager in late 2009 he decided to pursue his music career full time.

In January of 2010 Boo released his first album titled "The General 2" making it available on all major online stores, with a phenomenal response he followed up with his first mixtape called "Don of A New Era". Currently Boo is on tour supporting his latest mixtape called "Occupational Hazard" with show dates spanning from North Carolina all the way down the east coast to Alabama. For more, you can tweet boo at or google Boo Smith aka The Beast in the search engine. For booking Etc email

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