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Trying To Find Something
#174 in Pop SongVault Certified
Trying To Find Something
Good, Good
Indie Pop
Length: 3:44
On Network Since May 2, 2007
Casey Frazier
SongVault Certified Artist Casey Frazier

Colorado, United States

Indie Pop / Folk Rock

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His clever, metaphorical lyrics, and superbly written piano and guitar driven music makes Casey Frazier seem much older than his 18 years. Since discovering Garth Brooks at the age of 3, Casey has thrown himself headfirst into music. Casey started playing drums at 4, and guitar at 5, teaching himself to play bass and piano along the way. He performed often, usually sticking to his country roots, or his other huge influence, The Dave Matthew's Band.

In 2003, Casey and his family moved to Nashville to help him further his music dreams, which led to many open doors, including a meeting with his producer, and former Whiteheart bandmember and founder, Billy Smiley. Upon returning to Colorado in 2004 after realizing that his direction was not country, Casey cut his first demo, "Nothing The Same". "Nothing The Same" was a collection of songs that Casey wrote when he was 14 and 15, and produced himself. Casey also worked closely with producers, Eric Gallimore in Nashville, and Michael Binikos in Los Angeles in 2005, recording another 3 song demo.

In early 2006, Casey began working with Billy, and has just finished his orchestral rock album "After Autumn", and his acoustic EP "Live At Summerhouse".
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