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Every Little Thing
#68 in Pop SongVault Certified
Every Little Thing
Bubblegum Pop
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Mar 26, 2008
Chad Saylor
SongVault Certified Artist Chad Saylor

West Middlesex
Pennsylvania, United States

Bubblegum Pop / Teen Pop

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19 years old and a musician. I have been writing songs since I was in the 4th grade and got a 4 track cassette recorder in the 5th so I could make my own demos. I play guitar, drums, piano, organ, and bass. I write and record ALL of my material. My dad has written lyrics for some of my songs and I have recorded some of his. I attend IPR Institute of Production and Recording. I can write almost any style of popular music in most genres. I have played on other artists albums as a bass player. I played for the entire year of 2006 in a Beatles Tribute show called Come Together as a Paul McCartney impersonator. When I first heard the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album, it forever changed my life. I got the once in a lifetime chance to see Brian Wilson and his band perform the entire Pet Sounds album for the last time as the 40th anniversary of the releasing of the album. With this new found inspiration I have gotten to look inside myself and find my true sound and style. If you have heard the music I have written before, this music will probably suprise you, but then again the real me is quite suprising!
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