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Alternative Rap
Length: 3:16
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Good Music
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Good Music
Alternative Rap
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Common Thred
SongVault Certified Artist Common Thred

New York, United States

Alternative Rap / Soul

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Common (komn): Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more. Thred (thr�d): Fine cord made of two or more filaments twisted together.

Common Thred is a self-contained musical unit that weaves a unique pattern within the Hip Hop quilt. Originating from the borough of Brooklyn , these talented individuals come together to forge a style of music that combines the elements of HIP HOP and SOUL. They're artists, writers, poets and musicians who've honed and mastered their craft and created a new sound. HIP-SOUL!!

The HIP-SOUL Duo (which puts you in the mind of a male version of the Neo Soul group Floetry) are:

Shareef a.k.a. Azteknique - The Tek Baby - The Hip member of the group is a writer/producer/MC who's the architect of the HIP-SOUL sound. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Aztek has worked with established artists like AZ, Gedak, SuperStar of the ICONZ,The Bush Babees, Q-Tip and De La Soul. As well as professional boxer Zab Judah. Aztek has remixed songs for TLC, Brandy, Lil Sammy, Missy Elliot, Onyx and Raphael Saadiq. He was also one of the engineers on the Flip Mode Squads and Busta Rhymes album. Recently finished work with Lin-Que ( ISIS) formely of X-CLAN and Talib Kweli. In addition, he plays the keyboards and bass guitar.

Kovon - The Pen Master
A singer/songwriter/musician with powerful and soulful vocals, is The Soul that keeps the HIP-SOUL sound firmly grounded. Born and bred in the borough of Brooklyn, NY, Kovon has collaborated with producers Chucky Thompson and Grammy Award winning songwriter Anita McCloud (Ushers U Remind Me). He has also written and performed songs with Smooth da Hustler, MOP, and late ODB of the Wu Tang Clan. Kovon also plays drums and acoustic guitar.

Collectively and with their band "The Thred", the group has showcased their talents at several places throughout NYC including but, not limited to the Soul Caf�, Rockwells, Crash Mansion, Webster Hall, Fontana's, The Bitter End and several locations in Detroit, MI, Baltimore, Florida, Boston, Philly,. Their music represents the "Common Thred" that can be found in all of us. The love of Good Music!
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