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Birth of a Nation
#965 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Birth of a Nation
Alternative Rap
Length: 5:04
On Network Since Sep 15, 2007
Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South
SongVault Certified Artist Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South

Los Angeles
California, United States

Rock / Funk

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Evilsuperstars is a beat heavy, rock and hip hop exploration of stoner funkscapes via live and programmed instrumentation. Black & White burners playing booming bass lines, ripping rock guitars, tribal drums and flinging lusciously brutal lyrics.

EVILSUPERSTARS starring Kursk + Top of Da South was formed after the initial recording sessions for the KURSK: Eclipse CD as a Hip Hop/Funk Rock/Soul side project. Showcasing beat heavy, funk rock and stoner songs, including: “Evilsuperstars (Disco Ball)”, “Into the West”, “Birth of a Nation” and “Sammy’s Dead”, it is a smokin' live show. New EP, Panther Anthems featuring "Chicago '75" and "MC5" is scheduled for an late 2009 release.
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