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#42 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Sweet Water Soul
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:38
On Network Since Oct 22, 2008
#157 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:26
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Sweet Water
#166 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Sweet Water
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 2:53
On Network Since Oct 23, 2008
Femi Music
SongVault Certified Artist Femi Music

San Francisco
California, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Soul

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Rising from Oakland's vibrant underground, FEMI celebrates a trio of life
forces on her debut EP, "Sweet Water Soul." It has love, the gift of prayer,
and is fluid like water, which is the underlying theme of the EP. In
tandem with FEMI's jazzy vocals, sensual lyrics, and gracious intent, the
result is an unrivaled suite of original songs equally danceable and

For the past 5 years, FEMI helped pioneer a visionary music community in
her native Bay Area. She is often categorized as a neo-SOUL soulstress and
compared with artists such as Sade, Prince and Minnie Ripperton. Yet her
experimental fusion transcends easy genres. "Sweet Water Soul" incorporates
heavy doses of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and Caribbean influences, a melodic
hybrid of the pulses of Oakland, New York, and Latin America. In the same
vein, FEMI is called beyond "just" being a singer and performer; She
wrote, composed, and arranged all of the material on the record, and was
heavily involved in the studio recording process with pc muņoz, a San Francisco-based
producer with Talking House Records esteemed for challenging musical boundaries.

Sweet Water Soul's introductory track, "Sweet Water (Rezo)" -- rezo meaning
prayer -- gives thanks to the love and protection of God and to FEMI's
favorite orisha, Oshun, a river deity symbolizing prosperity and
sensuality. "Oshun energy is always present in my life," she says. This
song is the first instance of the breathy, jazzy flute that is a main
instrument in most of the tracks, lending the album an airy yet grounded
quality. "Imported" is a spicy rhythm, inspired by her first trip to
Puerto Rico (a trip she took to learn more about her Afro-carribean roots)
and the grandeur of a love surpassing time and space. Riding on the sweet
staccato of Spanish-style guitar, FEMI's sultry, layered vocals conjure
the warm Caribbean twilight. "If I knew anything about love, could it be
with you?" she asks on the teasing "Crush." This song is exemplary of
FEMI's ability to weave the story and the music, with a sexy groove and
delicate chimes supporting a lyrical quest for vulnerability and

Given the progression of romance, could this track be followed by any
other than "If I Knew" A song reliant on reggae-influenced rhythm and
driven by a tight horn section (ala Earth, Wind & Fire), it tells of
surrendering to the love that was so desired. "I Want You" is essentially
its cool, sweet sequel: "This song is like a letter to my lover," FEMI
says. "You realize that there is something in them that lets you know
it's okay to allow love in again." "Pages" brings the album full circle,
coasting on an easy rhythm to back Femi's reflections on writing,
emotional freedom, and self-reliance. The track and album, gracefully
ends with piano, chimes, and chirping birds. Like its pure namesake, "Sweet
Water Soul" will quench thirsty spirits over and over again.
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