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All Songs A Cabaret Of Consciousness
These Are The Days By G. Citoli, M.Davis. B Goldst
#302 in Pop SongVault Certified
These Are The Days By G. Citoli, M.Davis. B Goldst
A Cabaret Of Consciousness
Soft Rock
Length: 5:28
On Network Since Dec 11, 2008
Gina Citoli
SongVault Certified Artist Gina Citoli

Wisconsin, United States

Soft Rock / Seasonal / Holiday

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Gina began her career in theater, traveled the country as a lead vocalist with numerous bands and then founded the band Alchemy VII.

"The Alchemist" by Gina with Alchemy VII has been selected as the theme song for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Leadership Alchemy Program 2006 as well as for The Sound Track of "Mysterious Disappearance" - Bioplastics win the Future" produced by Austrian scientists and media. "Mental Ecology" from Gina?s Cabaret Of Consciousness is also part of the sound track. Gina has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York's Battery Park and Den Design-Forum of the Museums Quarter in Vienna Austria to the Beverly Hillshire Screening facility in Beverly Hills CA. to name a few.

Gina has also released two songs produced by Grammy Winning Producer Barry Goldstein, It All Comes Down To Love and These Are The Days which was also co written by Barry and Marshall Davis.

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