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The Man Who Sat Watching Trains Go By
#267 in Pop SongVault Certified
The Man Who Sat Watching Trains Go By
Adult Contemporary
Length: 4:27
On Network Since Sep 24, 2007
Giorgio Onorato Aquilani
SongVault Certified Artist Giorgio Onorato Aquilani

Cura di Vetralla
Viterbo, Italy

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Giorgio Onorato Aquilani was born in Tarquinia on march 8, 1983.

Introduced to piano-playing by his well known godfather Renato Carosone.

Pianist, singer, songwriter, at 17 years old he composes the official Peace anthem for the year 2000 Jubelee, performing it in the Vatican..s Gardens in front of the Pope and 112 state chiefs from all over the world.

His first success is a single named What You Do. The track tours the world radio stations conquering all the fans of a famous irish band: The Corrs, to whom it was dedicated.

In 2004 he performs at the Venice Cinema Palace getting the celebrated Gondola d..Oro prize as upcoming international pop figure.

In 2005 he partecipates to an international music challenge organized for Elton John..s Captain Fantastic 30th Birthday. He gets the first place being rewarded at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York after composing and singing Dogs In The Kitchen, lyric written by Bernie Taupin and never turned into song by Elton John.

In 2005 he composes all the musical themes for the Venice Poetry Biennale.

He writes for musicals and audiobooks.

In 2006 he finishes the recording of 11 tracks (in english language) for his first indipendent album named , whose songs toured worldwide radio stations! The CD is delivered in a vinyl cd inside a metal movie can... check it on

In 2006 his voice is chosen by sony pictures for the italian version of a song featured in their latest animated movie: Open Season

In April 2007 the song The End Of My Road gets a nomination for best pop song at 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. A very important event claimed to be "the largest and longest running Hollywood red carpet event for Independent Artists in the world!".

In March 2008 IV TOTO – Worldwide TOTO Fans Anthem is released. The project comes out from an idea of Giorgio’s and tours the world. Giorgio wrote the music for the IV TOTO track, played the piano and sung on it… The track features Bobby Kimball as special guest. Visit for more infos.

In April 2008 - Giorgio performs his own music in the greatest theatre in the world, LA FENICE in Venice during the second endition of the event: La Biennale Della Poesia.

In June 2008 Giorgio starts the recording of his second album due to release in February 2009. The album will feature very important names of the international music scene.
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