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A Day At The Beach
#90 in Pop SongVault Certified
A Day At The Beach
Adult Contemporary
Length: 4:40
On Network Since Aug 2, 2008
Heather Andrews
SongVault Certified Artist Heather Andrews

England, United Kingdom

Adult Contemporary / Indie Pop

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I love pop music, I love to sing and it turns out that I write good songs too. It's taken me a while to put those three things together. I've moved from studying Physics, Maths and Music at school to sound engineering in a London Studio to recording my own songs when the studios were free.

At this point I met Narada Michael Walden. I was an assistant on a recording session he was doing at Sphere Studios, London and I became his "Musie Muse!" I gave him a CD of some of my songs and he fell for the track, "Too Weak to Speak." Two years later I started taking my music seriously and decided to make an album so I gave Narada a call.

When "Too Weak to Speak," went so well we wanted to work together some more. I was over in California to record another song around the time of my birthday and Narada and I headed to the beach for my day. We were catching up, relaxing and feeling generally inspired so he starts tapping out a beat and a bit of a melody and gets me singing along. I recorded our jam on my camera and we decided to cut it the next day at Tarpan, Narada's studio in Marin County, California. I finished the lyrics on the ferry over to the studio and Narada put together the chords and the arrangement and "A Day at the Beach," was born. Simple. Beautiful.

For the past couple of years I've been using and abusing all my talented friends in the music industry begging for free studio time and musicians. Now the album is nearly finished I am amazed at what I've achieved and how much I've learned. I just love making good music and singing it with all my heart. And now a little bit about Narada.

Narada Michael Walden is a Multi Grammy Winning Songwriter, Producer and Drummer. His Credits include as drummer: (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck, and so many more!), Producer: (Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jefferson Starship...the list is infinite). Narada Michael Walden has 56 charted number one hits to his name, more than any producer in history and is a prolific songwriter with 12 solo albums of his own.
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