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Good Enough
#62 in Pop SongVault Certified
Good Enough
Fall To Pieces
Power Pop
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Jul 10, 2007
Fall To Pieces
#251 in Pop SongVault Certified
Fall To Pieces
Fall to Pieces
Power Pop
Length: 3:48
On Network Since Mar 21, 2007
Dream About
#660 in Pop SongVault Certified
Dream About
Fall To Pieces
Power Pop
Length: 5:33
On Network Since Jul 10, 2007
Ian Dudgeon
SongVault Certified Artist Ian Dudgeon

Ontario, Canada

Power Pop / Indie Pop

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The Beginnings.
From a very early age, Ian Dudgeon has been in touch with music. His roots run deep in his formative years, as he comes from a rich musical heritage. His home was filled with musicmuch of it the popular music of the '60's & '70's. Those years were formative for Ian, as he began to develop his musical sensibilities very early on. Listening to the likes of Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Genesis, John Lennon and The Beatles, Ian began to fill the musical pallet by which he would create years later.

As he grew older, those early influences began to play themselves out in the way Ian would craft a song. His songwriting was intellectual yet tangible. With emerging bands like U2 on the scene, Ian began to see how his songwriting could be used to provoke thought, change, and challenge. He was also watching how the infusion of "passion" would be the key to connecting with his audience.

Ian started playing professionally at the age of 16. He was finding himself as guitarist in bands predominantly made up of more mature musicians. This only served to "grow" Ian's playing. The gigs were plentiful, and this parlayed into playing almost every Saturday for 5 straight years from 1994-1999. These crowds were significantfrom several hundred at the smallest to several thousand. During this same period of time, Ian took part in 2 live recordings of merit for a small boutique Canadian label. These recordings were distributed in 57 countries, and his work became known abroad. In 1996, Ian also was a part of an alternative rock band called "The Freedom", which recorded a project where Ian served as lead guitarist and contributing songwriter.

Ian now looks to record from his personal songbook. These songs speak of all the same things those musical influences snag and wrote of years ago. Now, however, they are seen, felt, and told through the music of Ian Dudgeon. But discriminating listeners will hear Ian's past echoing in his music. It's the way it should be!

Ian believes"When you write, you live forever". Ian will be around for a long time..
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