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All Eyes On Me
#304 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
All Eyes On Me
East Coast Rap
Length: 3:57
On Network Since Oct 28, 2010
SongVault Certified Artist ILL PO

North Carolina, United States

East Coast Rap / Dirty South

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There are a lot of hip hop groups....But only a few movements. Rarely before in hip hop history has one group succeeded in taking their entire local hip-hop community to a different level of musical ingenuity. Each energetic performance built on the last, ILLPO has consistently rocked local fans, radio, and industry insiders throughout the Carolinas. In fact, the UPSOUTH Movement began when Damon Blanchard, a.k.a. Mundae Boones, & Jermaine Brown, a.k.a J Bond, realized that they had two gifts: talent to win and courage to compete. Both born in the north and raised in the south, they united with a singular mission: to establish North Carolina’s rightful place to the top of the rap game. Students of hip hop since childhood, both have survived the struggles associated with hood life- and made the most out of all sorts of ill positions. Thus, ILLPO was conceived. Artistically, Mundae Boones and J Bond compliment each other. Their sound is simultaneously North and South; big city and small town; struggle and drive. Their vibrant connection and passion for music comes through on every track, and you can taste their hunger in every verse. Already at that proverbial “next level”, ILLPO is poised to be the group that they set out to be: champions of the movement that is quietly getting North Carolina the respect that it deserves. Fans and critics agree: ILLPO forces you to take a trip with them UPSOUTH!
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