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All Songs From 83 to the future From 83 to The Future
What you do to me
#81 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
What you do to me
From 83 to the future
Alternative Rap
Length: 4:01
On Network Since Jan 12, 2008
We Made It
#100 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
We Made It
From 83 to The Future
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:32
On Network Since Jan 12, 2008
J. Frost
SongVault Certified Artist J. Frost

Georgia, United States

Alternative Rap / Urban

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Born in Buffalo, New York, musical talent, producer, rapper, songwriter, J. Frost is creating a buzz in the South. He was raised in Buffalo, New York by his single mother (Regina) and extended family. Growing up in a faith based family was the key that opened the door to Jason’s passion for music. At 15 years old he was encouraged by his grandmother to join the church band. He became a key component in the musical program at The Presence of God Tabernacle playing percussion. This exposure ignited his desire to pursue a career with his musical talents. Jason continued to expand his musical talent by learning to play the piano and guitar. At 20 years of age he began learning the art of musical production. After moving numerous times over several years he finally landed in Atlanta in 2006 making it his new home and providing a stable environment to complete his project.

Over the past two years Jason has worked diligently on producing and writing for his debut album titled “From 83 to the Future”. An edgy and unique approach to hip hop with his production and catchy rap phrases, he is bound to make his mark in an industry where thinking outside the box is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Being on stage comes naturally to this young artist. Having performed all across the country his performance demands notice. He has performed his song “AutoPilot” at several venues over the past year and has developed a growing interest within the music circuit. Listeners have noted his sound to be refreshing and appealing and look forward to hearing more of his music. His stage performance exudes energy with a fashionable appeal.

As an artist eager to take control of his future, his vision is to someday start an independent label that will be the entryway to a new creative, out the box sound the industry desperately needs” states J. Frost.

Success is imminent for this talented young man.
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