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I Like It
#446 in Pop SongVault Certified
I Like It
Teen Pop
Length: 3:23
On Network Since Jun 1, 2011
Katelynn Lynch
SongVault Certified Artist Katelynn Lynch

New Brunswick, Canada

Teen Pop / Country

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My name is Katelynn Karen Elizabeth Lynch , I am 15 years old and I was born March 31 1996 in Miramichi, New Brunswick . I have one sister Taylor who is six years old . Ive been singing since the early age of 2 and always used my favorite Barbie’s as microphones.

My first performance in front of a live audience was at age 10 and from that moment on I knew singing was my passion.

I love all types of music,but my favorite Genre to sing is Country. My favorite artists who have inspired me the most are Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift. I had the pleasure of seeing Carrie Underwood in concert in Toronto,Ontario last November and it was an awesome performance!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Gorwill for allowing me to record in his studio, and also for the opportunity to be the vocalists for his wonderful songs he has written,

To Ron and Katherine Pomerleau for trusting in me and allowing me to be a part of the Maritime Idol CD. Thanks to my cousin Jessica Miller who never missed a recording date yet, and patiently waited and listened at the studio while I sang my heart out! J
A special Thank You to my Parents as well as Grandparents for believing in me and encouraging me to sing sing sing !!!

Katelynn xoxo
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