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All Songs A Man
A Million Miles Apart
#159 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
A Million Miles Apart
A Man
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:30
On Network Since Sep 6, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Marvelous

South Carolina, United States

Soul / Urban

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Name: Marvelous
From: Aiken, S.C.
Label: Reel Big Entertainment
Genre: R&B/Urban

Marvelous, a songwriter, producer, artist and executive, he enjoys music on every level. He loves to watch a project go from an idea to the end product. He has been involved with music his whole life, from his humble beginnings in the Hahnís Village Community Choir created by his mother for the kids in the community, to working on projects for Reel Bigís Tipp & V.P. Marvelous loves making music to let the ladies know how special they are to a man. With music now a days being made to exploit women. Itís nice to see a man that is not afraid to express his true feelings toward a beautiful lady, yet provide her with the assurance that he would smack down the devil himself if he ever disrespected her. Thatís the message that Marvelous wants to come out in his songs. Thatís what he wants to standout, whether you are a woman that wants to be sooth or a gentleman who wants something to play with that special lady around, you will find it in Marvelous and his music. Enjoy!!!
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