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Move Ya Body
#230 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Move Ya Body
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:02
On Network Since Jul 25, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Mija

Saint Louis
Missouri, United States

Rhythm & Blues / HipHop / Rap

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MIJA : BIOGRAPHY Poetry In Motion, Unlimited Songwriter and Sex Appeal Experience the kiss of Mija. Rough and ready vocals. Smooth and sensual lyrics. Mija engulfs the listener with a tasty blend of lustrous tracks and passionate vocals with a jagged edge to them. The funkdafied bounce of Shake It Down, the silky-smoothness of Mil Besitos Para Ti (One Thousand Kisses To You), and the sexy but rugged hip hop tango song Legs, are just a few of the many of Mijas Unlimited CD tracks that effortlessly grabs every ones attention. The ladies love the ST. Louis native son and the brothers appreciate that he musically expresses their thoughts.. The performing songwriter Mija began his music career at the sweet innocent age of 6 by learning to play the drums. He grew up in a rough neighborhood called Kinloch in St. Louis Mo. but, chose the right path away from his troubled surroundings. Mija grew up in a musical household with many aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all multitalented along with mom and dad singing. He was inspired to the music business early on. Having my mom on the road and watching her practice and perform many shows made me want to be a performer as well. At 10 years of age, Mija started writing songs became a self taught DJ and mixed tapes.. My family had a recording studio in the basement and I hung out and learned about the art of making music. Those experiences led him to actively pursue a career as he believes that singers should put their all into perfecting their craft. Enthralled by his performances Multi-talented Mija spent his teenaged years rapping and singing in a few local groups and as he honed the skills, he learned how to work the crowed. To experience the kiss of Mija would be to experience his live performances. In my songs, I say things no one else would say. I go deeper and make people feel like Im talking directly to them. Keeping the audience enthralled is his main focus. I bring a new and different ambience to a show, and stroke the audience the way they want to be stroked. A continuing musical journey Mija seeks to inspire others with cutting edge music as he was inspired by his musical parents. From the sleek production skills, velvety vocals, and the spellbinding lyrics to the suave persona and his ability to move the crowed, Mija is just what the music industry ordered. Make sure you experience the kiss of Mija. Mijas Brief History: What does the word Mija mean? The word Mija means: M-usically I-nclined J-ams A-lways. It also means one whos loyal, truthful, dedicated, strong, noble, one who showers his women with gifts, and one who doesnt believe in the word cant. What is Mija? Mijas an extremely multi talented St. Louis-based musical genius. Mija is interested in the fusion of traditional elements of r&b and hip-hop with the new techniques of electronic music. Some of the commercially successful artists that have influenced Mija include Puff Daddy, Mary J Blige, Madonna, Baby Face, R. Kelly, Missy Eliot, Dr. Dre, Lauren Hill, Tina Turner, Nelly and many more. Mija has been a songwriter, performer, and a self made producer for about thirteen years now. Who is Mija? Mijas (song writer, producer, etc.) a sensitive and soft-spoken person. Mija has made a life- long study of the ancient Egyptian art of Metu Neter, meditation, and reading oracles. Mija, raised by his hardworking single mom; still resides in ST. Louis, Missouri. Mija is usually hungry and aggressive !!! Mija brings his love of samba rhythms, hip-hop, rap, r&b, salsa, reggae, orchestra, and jazz history and sexy long hair to the public. Mija has been offered many contracts before but, many of them werent honest and fortunate in his behalf. In 1997 Mija along with his hip-hop controversial group W. B. P. was offered a 2 million dollar contract through Atlantic Records, but Mijas manager was not honest so Mija backed out of the deal for his own safety. As before and as of now Mija is still worth millions. Mija has performed with many top artist such as, Outkast, E 40, Spice 1, Craig Mack, Charlie Wilson, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Jackie Staten, Nuthin Nice, Toya, Keith Washington, Notorious BIG, Lil Kim, Nelly, Keith Sweat, Lil John and The East Side Boys, Too Short, Twista, and many more. Locally Mija has helped in the careers of two very known radio personalities such as DJ Voo and DJ Kaos. Mija has also worked with many local artists such as, Chocolate Tai, Mauti, Masters Touch (now known as LLC ), Ed D, Mr. Sleepi Eyez and Eyez Incorporated, May West, and W.B.P. and St. Louis based record labels such as Nvision Records, Honeycomb Records, V.I.P., Grim Reaper Entertainment, Sons Dynasty Inc. Phat Belly Entertainment, and Show Me Records Mija is the grandson of the late St. Louis legend Tim Cooper who was a legend as big as the Beetles in Europe. Mija has also worked with the late St. Louis legend Oliver Sain on many occasions including working on DJ Kaoss studio project for The group Above Average which later became Da Whole 9. Mija was head of the r&b group Ten Twenty (a part of Above Average which also included DJ Koolaid). Mijas life long friend and right hand man Fellow inspired him to keep pushing straight to the top. Past performances. Mija has performed in many clubs and venues such as Club Mirage, Cloud 9, Mississippi Nights, Chiefs Place, Club Elite, Club Rio, The Pageant and many more. Log on to for future and upcoming events. Mija is also the nephew of the St. Louis radio talk show host and blues singer legend Q.C. Lady D. In Mijas spare time he works extensively in the Black community in attempt to make a change for the better. Mija is truly a sensation you dont want to miss !!! ..oldheart.gif">
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