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Golden Gate
#109 in Pop SongVault Certified
Golden Gate
Likely Stories
Adult Contemporary
Length: 2:43
On Network Since Jul 2, 2008
Artichokes and Emeralds
#36 in Jazz SongVault Finals
Artichokes and Emeralds
Vocal Jazz
Length: 3:01
On Network Since Mar 6, 2009
Nancy Rost
SongVault Certified Artist Nancy Rost

Wisconsin, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Contemporary

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Nancy Rost has been called "the love child of Tom Lehrer and Tom Waits" ( Her distinctive songs combine a jazz-influenced piano style with lyrics that are quirky, witty and heartfelt, often all at once.

A versatile songwriter, she has won awards in jazz, pop/rock, folk, blues and comedy, and been covered by country artists.

Her performances often include elements of improvisation: "The laughter in the crowd is contagious, as everyone's thoughts are mixed in a tart, though refreshing, concoction of high witticisms and ardent applause." - The Capital Times

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