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The Warm Up
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Feb 26, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist NYpoleon

New Jersey, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Urban

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The Beginning of a new Era!
Can you picture Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Bob Marley with hints of The Notorious BIG all rolled into one artist? Ladies and Gentlemen, here is NYpoleon. Born in Trinidad, then moving to the New Jersey as a teenager, NYpoleon has been overcoming challenges from birth. After being conceived, doctors considered him “the miracle baby” because he suffered umbilical cord prolepses and was not expected to survive. In middle school, NYpoleon suffered a nearly fatal fall after getting into a fight with other boys. He was left in critical condition and spent the next 18 days in hospital. “All I remember is them surrounding me, and then everything went blank. Subconsciously, I thought I was going to die, so I said a prayer in my mind and asked God to forgive me and take me into heaven”. This left Nypoleon scarred on his forehead and with a blurriness of vision in his right eye. Friends and family say his behavior became more abnormal and sporadic after the incident.

NYpoleon also survived a very rough childhood in the streets of Trinidad. Even though his mom tried keeping him “sheltered”, the environment did shape his life. By the time NYpoleon was in high school, many of his friends were either in jail or dead. He moved to New Jersey with the sole purpose of pursuing a music career. He used in own money and recorded a seven song LP called “The State of Mind Project” which raised eyebrows music industry insiders and led to a role in the independent film “Demo”, where he plays himself in pursuit of his dreams of being a singer.

Continuing on from the success of his first LP, he then recorded 24 more songs, 12 of which became his current album “The Warm Up” which continue to generate buzz and has jump started his career. The album promises something for everyone; from the “Club Bangers” to contemporary love songs to the “real issues” songs. Most of his songs are inspired by his own personal experiences. The lead single, the up-tempo but emotional track called “Pimp-a-fyin” is a definite number one hit! Every so often an artist comes around that goes against the norms and turns the industry on its head. NYpoleon is such an artist. You can look forward to seeing this young star shine for a long time to come!
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