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Come on Over
#666 in Pop SongVault Certified
Come on Over
flowers and frolic
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:16
On Network Since Feb 1, 2008
Tell me
#683 in Pop SongVault Certified
Tell me
flowers and frolic
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:15
On Network Since Feb 1, 2008
pene kingsford
SongVault Certified Artist pene kingsford

Little River
Canterbury, New Zealand

Adult Contemporary / Contemporary Folk

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About Pene

In an era which seems to produce fly by night pop songs, Pene Kingsford writes songs that are enduring, compelling
us to feel spirit, passion and a sense of what is real in life.

This singer/songwriter from Little River, New Zealand is an Indie artist making waves on the
International music scene. Pene Kingsfords latest album, 'flowers and frolic' is filled with
catchy hooks, enchanting melodies, lyrics that provoke thought, meaning and feeling all wrapped up
in a voice that is as pure as crystal clear water.

"The album reflects my passage through 2007", explains Pene Kingsford. "I had the time, space
and lots of intense emotional experiences that allowed me to write a whole bunch of songs over
two to three months. The songs are largely interconnected and provide a journal of my life during that time.
I was very clear about how I wanted each song to sound in the overall breath of the album. I was fortunate
to work with some gifted musicians these include Karen Hunter from Auckland and Iain Brandram-Adams from Canterbury.

Pene Kingsford has been passionate about music since her youth, and has studied with many and varied teachers.
Pene Kingsford joined the Wellington Junior Choir under the directorship of Ms Judith White.
At aged ten, Pene claimed the coverted 'Singer of the Year' competition singing "Where is Love" from
the hit musical, 'Oliver'.

Pene Kingsford commenced classical singing training for a number of years with Ms Anne Albright in
Christchurch, New Zealand and Mr and Mrs McIntoch in Melbourne, Victoria. This was supported by Pene
performing in several light operettas and musicals throughout Australasia.

From here, Pene Kingsfords journey takes us to a very accomplished and professional a'capella group, 'the Vocalchords'
that performed at events and private functions throughout New Zealand and indeed recorded for Radio New Zealand.

Through her teen years, Pene Kingsford wrote songs on guitar and recorded with various musicians.
The first band Pene Kingsford played in was as a bass guitar and backing vocals. From here, Pene
Kingsford quickly became the lead vocalist of a well know Auckland all female band, Freudian Slips. Freudian
Slips produced two EP's of which received airtime on several New Zealand radio stations as well as Radio with Pictures television show.

After Freudian Slips disbanded, Pene Kingsford went solo and established bands such as Echo Echo playing around the North Island
music scene.

Pene was also fortunate enough to receive a grant from Radio New Zealand to record seven original songs
for a radio show Pene entitled, 'To This End'. This played on National Radio over several weeks under the
direction of the late Bruce Dusky.

Pene Kingsford also spent three months working under the directorship of the well known Ray Colombus for a TVNZ
performance workshop with eleven others. This included musicianship, song, dance and choreography.

In the mid 1990's Pene Kingsford released her first solo EP, Test of Time through Ode records..
Since this time, Pene Kingsford has released a further EP of various covers such as 'Roxanne' and Fly me to the Moon' .

'Flowers and frolic', the latest album has huge potential. Success has come through airplay in Canada, Australia and the USA.
The song. 'Your Own Life' is on the latest pop/adult contemporary compilation CD as well as the Australian,
'Sounds like Cafe Compilation Series Vol 20' due for release late February - early March 2008.
The song, 'The tale of the blessed two' is currently a finalist in the American Lo-Budget Love Songs Competition.

. "I wanted to write an album that was diverse musically so as to display my ability to write in various genres. Some of the songs
are clearly guitar based songs and others keyboard. The album title song, 'flowers and froIic' introduces smooth guitar playing
with vocal lines that gently turn and fold, whereas Lily's synthesized sound introduces a young emerging rapper.
. .

The album was recorded with limited personal funds in various lounge rooms of Auckland city and the Canterbury Plains.
"We had heaps of fun on this project. I love how musicians who are gifted in their own right will readily help others out.
It is very heartening".

"I have asked a whole lot of people what songs on the album they most like and everyone has a different idea. I guess that
just goes to show that music has no boundaries.It resonates differently for people".

The momentum is certainly building for me musically at present".

Pene Kingsford voice is unique, delicate and impactful.
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