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Do Tha Touchdown
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Do Tha Touchdown
So So Classic
Dirty South
Length: 3:48
On Network Since Jul 9, 2008
Pine Grove Boys
SongVault Certified Artist Pine Grove Boys

Bay Minette
Alabama, United States

Dirty South

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Pine Grove Boys are a group of boys from a little city in Alabama. We are trying to be the first group to actually make it in the music business. We started this group and the music in Feb. 2008. So far we are doing real good. We come from a poor family that basically doesn't have much resources. Day after Day struggling to make ends meet. We did a showcase in April that will be on BET in October of this year, got nominated to the National Music Awards which was June 28, 2008 and won a spot in a hip hop magazine, and we go on tour this september and have our cd put in Best Buy, Walmart, and others also. So we're hoping to be the next big thing and so far PGB are doing it. Thanks for reading our bio and we hope you enjoy our songs.
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