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Una Manana
#14 in Latin SongVault Certified
Una Manana
Length: 2:36
On Network Since Jul 15, 2007
I Can't Give you Anything but Love
#49 in Jazz SongVault Certified
I Can't Give you Anything but Love
Speak Low
Length: 2:08
On Network Since Jul 13, 2007
Speak Low
#68 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Speak Low
Speak Low
Length: 3:48
On Network Since Jul 13, 2007
Amor Imposible
#1 in Latin SongVault Finals
Amor Imposible
Simply Sacha
Length: 4:29
On Network Since Jun 9, 2008
sacha boutros
SongVault Certified Artist sacha boutros

san diego
California, United States

Jazz / Bossa Nova

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A little bit about Sacha.

.Thumbs Up..
Roger Ebert

Sacha is vocalist like no other besides being a singer she is first and foremost a musician. With practically perfect pitch her musical Sophistication and elegance are timeless.
Frankie Laine

..Sacha..s voice is both sexy, provocative, soulful and smooth...
Frankie Laine

.. A Vocalist of Promise....
San Diego Union Tribune

A versatile, original and innovative singer who demonstrates that Jazz is in her soul.
Bitacora Cultural (Mexican Magazine, Baja California)

..Local Jazz Whiz San Diego native jazz singer Sacha Boutros seems to be anything but an ing..nue. She speaks five languages, has the range of an operatic singer and is compared to many jazz greats of yester year, yet she is only 27 years old...
San Diego City Beat

..Her music is best described as Latin lounge jazz. Very hip, very cool and yet sensuous like sipping sangria at sunset...
Mary Castillo, Author

..Boutros, at her young age, has called the attention of jazz lovers everywhere with her original compositions and exemplary vocal range which stems from her classical roots; she has the ability to sing from Blues to Opera...

A Short Bio...

A local native of San Diego, Sacha Boutros has been captivating audiences with her sultry vocals and exquisite style as she posses a charm and grace reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. Having played the piano since she was a little girl, she began composing at an early age. With a four-octave range she is well versed in classical music and can sing in just about any language as she speaks five fluently; but her passion lies in writing and singing Jazz. In 2002, shortly after graduating from the University of San Diego, she was introduced by the legendary Frankie Laine at his 90th birthday celebration as his Ingnue. She has had the pleasure of performing for, opening and playing along side such artists as Julio Iglesias, Marvin Hamlisch, James Moody, Red Holloway, Karrin Allyson, Geoffrey Keezer, Chuchito Valdes, Kay Star, Patty Paige, and Herb Jeffries.

Since then she has been recording, writing and performing Jazz both locally and nationally. Currently she is working on an album of her original music, which should be released in the fall of 2006. The compositions will be a mix of Jazz, Latin and Pop in an interesting combination. I am trying to create a sort of Pop-Jazz so that everyone will enjoy my music, and hopefully get more into and appreciate the art of acoustic music itself and the beauty and power of something as simple as a song.
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