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Just Another Love Song Feat. Aaron George
#139 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Just Another Love Song Feat. Aaron George
East Coast Rap
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Mar 27, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist SAM R

Florida, United States

East Coast Rap

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SAM-R arrived on earth June 16, 1989. After arriving on this planet SAM-R resided with his birth givers in Miami, FL. Here is where SAm-R attended earth school and learned many essential functions necessary in order to live on this strange primitive planet.
On March 5, 2001 SAM-R's closest friend Evan Smith sadly passed away by a stray bullet in an unfortunate drive-by shooting. During the following years SAM-R fell into depression and made some not so healthy decisions, but these decisions didnít help him at all, so he turned towards music, though music has been a big part of his life since he was little, it wasnít until after that unfortunate event that occurred with his close friend Evan, which he started using music as ways to cope with pain he was feeling. It didnít take long for SAM-R to fall in love with music, mainly Hip-Hop, R&B, and 70's soul.
SAM-R started writing around the time he was in his last year of middle school. SAM-R combines emotion, comedy, unique flow, a unique delivery, sometimes light hearted or heavy hitting lyrics. He brings you that old skool flava in the digital age combining all of his abilities to bring you dope beats and dope lyrics you cant help but nod your head to.
He never claims to be the best on the mic; he just loves making music and loves contributing whatever it is he can to hip-hop and music in general, hoping one day that music will go back to the way it was, because you dimwitted earthlings chose to clutter the universe with nonsense and bullshit; this is why other planets donít like you....
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