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Razor Blades
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Razor Blades
Power Pop
Length: 4:02
On Network Since Apr 20, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Swivel

Los Angeles
California, United States

Power Pop / Electro

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Ladies and gentlemen, Swivel has landed. Swivel has already outdone the Rolling Stones and Neil Young on message boards (recently named as one of Entertainment Weekly's 25 Blogs you should be reading), and watched their site crash after Madonna fans caught wind of their straight-faced acoustic take on her song "Sorry." With a live-performance intensity, songwriting prowess and sense of confidence rarely seen in a new band, the Los Angeles indie rockers have quickly gone from MySpace phenomenon to red-hot club pick. The kinetic, brutally honest duo have dashed up the Tinseltown food chain with ease, packing rooms with gigs at the Viper Room, Rainbow Room, Mint and the Gig. While their auspicious rise seems effortless, Swivel have overcome unexpected challenges and taken advantage of opportune twists of fate. When co-founder and NYU film grad Eddie Tyclus left Washington, D.C., for L.A., Swivel's future seemed uncertain. But then Tai Heard -- himself a graduate of the Berklee School of Music -- headed West and reunited with his childhood pal. Before Tai even unpacked his bags, the multi-instrumentalists had laid down a slew of tracks, capturing their feelings of optimism, anxiety and humor toward new relationships and a new city. Practicing tirelessly and exploring in new ways their unique friendship and musical intuition, Eddie and Tai started playing gigs before industry cynicism got hold of them first, leaving clubgoers blown over by inspiring, soaring narratives that leave no one unstirred. But the story doesn't end there. They've recently released their debut EP "Swivel Landing..." which never loses sight of the two H's -- hooks and harmonies. Swivel channels Radiohead at their poppiest and the Beatles' blend of rock and R&B, with a little Kanye West bravado thrown in for good measure. Tai spills his soul on the sweeping "Ticket," trying not to let regret get the better of him, while Eddie proves that he's a human too on the crisp, infectious "Robotic Sex." So sit back and enjoy, get up and move, or duck and take cover --here comes Swivel.
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