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T-Tocs & $hort$top
T-Tocs & $hort$top

New York, United States

Christian HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Music with a purpose a meaning and a cause! Established and all started back in 2002 by Scott & Mark Haberer. 2 brothers, born and raised in Allegany County, NY. Local Hip Hop/Rap/Christian Rap artists and producers from the 585 and Allegany County, NY area. Credited for becoming the 1st ones to create and help build a Hip Hop "Genre" in Allegany County, NY and since then Hip Hop in Allegany County, NY has evolved and grown to include more local and talented Hip Hop acts, DJ's and artists such as M8E, Renegade, DJ J5, Judi, Blacc Attacc, Iak, Decent, Cleveland aka S.O.S. and Isaac Wright to name a few. T-Tocs N $hort$top are Co-owners & founders of their Indie Record Label, Addic Records and their Hip Hop group/movement Tha Addic Family. Some credits to their music include, a one page news article in The Wellsville Daily Reporter (local news April 2005), a few club songs like "A-Yo" and "Hey Everyone" spun by local DJs at the local club (JBs Night Club), 3 Mixtapes, and more to come!
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