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Terry Christopher <p> Journey of a Wordsmith
SongVault Certified Artist Terry Christopher

Journey of a Wordsmith

New York
New York, United States

Indie Pop / Adult Alternative

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New York-based singer/songwriter Terry Christopher is more than just a natural born entertainer. Terry is undeniably a natural born talent and proves just such in his follow-up CD, Journey of a Wordsmith.

When Terry was a kid and in the early stages of exploring the breadth of his artistic expressions, he presented his family with a few poems he'd written and they were certain that he had not written them himself. They argued there was no way someone so young could create something so deep without having used it from someone else's work. Yet it was Terry's grandfather (a huge Elvis Presley fan) who knew better, believed in Terry's gift and saw his truth.
But then again, the truth was always there.

Though Terry was constantly putting on impromptu shows before his family and friends, it wasn't until he danced in and won Reserved Champions at the Nevada State Youth Fair Talent Competition (with his childhood friend, Beth) that the entertainment bug firmly took root in his blood. That was when Terry knew this was not a random hobby or phase, but rather a hunger, a passion, a journey. That was the moment he knew that being a performer was an all-consuming need, a compulsion that reached down into the very depths of his soul. It was a life's calling that would lead him on a purposeful course, first charted while growing up in Las Vegas amidst the bright lights and headlining stars, eventually leading him around the globe eight times over on the way towards developing into a pop recording artist of renown upon the release of his accomplished 2002 award-winning full-length debut, Take Another Look, and its highly anticipated follow-up, Journey of a Wordsmith in 2006.

Years of being in the spotlight as a top-notch singer-dancer during high school and receiving local and state-wide recognition for concert choral and madrigal singing had given Terry a solid foundation and training in his vocal abilities. After earning a BFA in dance from the Dance Conservatory at SUNY Purchase College, Terry Christopher lived the life of the consummate, non-stop, in demand working performer: Touring in Broadway shows and Vegas style revues throughout the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America and the United States; performing original work by illustrious, legendary choreographers such as Michael Bennett, Jerry Jackson, Patti Colombo, Barry Lather and the late Michael Peters, to name a few.

But something was missing.

Terry Christopher's ambition-driven and self-determined need to be a complete entertainer, to grow and be challenged, to reach beyond limitations and to rise above myopic naysayers and detractors wasn't being filled. He knew music had forever played a central role in his life that for as long as he could recall, music was his saving grace, a form of simultaneous escape and entry into a more profound appreciation of life's joys, sorrows, triumphs and tragedies. Songwriting and singing was a means by which to communicate shared experiences to the world-at-large; a way to connect the dots and to strengthen common threads we all share.

It was with this in mind that Terry re-visited the musings and writings within the pages of his many notebooks he had accumulated while living life on the road. There, he discovered long forgotten ideas, lyrics and verses and was inspired to collaborate with producer/arranger Michael LaGennusa to breathe life into those seeds of loosely constructed songs, transforming them into the 10-track indie disc that would become Take Another Look. Almost immediately upon its 2002 release, the catchy and hook-heavy recording garnered an avalanche of positive reviews from both near and far. The disc's impassioned melodies and accessible lyric schemes (keenly reminiscent of 70s pop, melded with 80s-styled heartland rock) helped to put it onto the rotation of numerous independent and Internet radio play lists around the world, landing it onto various Top-40 music charts, most notably the formerly San Francisco based and now Stonewall Societies Outvoice monthly GLBT music chart (where it sky rocketed all the way from very last place to the top of the charts at #2) as well as being featured on various internet and FM radio programs such as RGIN Radio, WKCJE, WRPI Troy 91.5 FM, CyberstationUSA, and Rainbow World Radio just to name a few.

As Terry Christopher looked to release Journey of a Wordsmith in 2006 (this time enlisting the rhythmic, club land-honed mixing skills of Detroit's Aaron Carl), he embarked on the expansion of his commitment to worthwhile social and activist organizations and to meaningfully supporting music projects other than his own. At the same time, encouragement and industry-wide praise for Terry's individual contributions to music have continued to come in many forms.

In addition to interest from associates of A&R reps at SONY, Atlantic and Universal record labels and MTV's acquisition of every song from Take Another Look (and several from Journey of a Wordsmith) for their programming needs for MADE!, Terry has received countless awards and honors. Listed among some of his remarkable achievements, Terry Christopher has been the recipient of multiple ASCAP songwriting grants 20032007; invited to become a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame (whose past members include Sammy Cahn and Frank Sinatra) and named Favorite Male Artist by the Stonewall Society Pride In The Arts (with Take Another Look being chosen as Favorite Album) Terry is also a member of Outmusic. Take Another Look has been ranked in the Top 10 of Outvoice Top Albums of the 2003 & 2005. Terry has been commissioned to write music for animation projects, and was greatly honored in being asked to perform his stirring tribute song, Friends and Heroes at the Fireman's Widow's Fund fundraiser on the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks.

With boundless energy, personal resolve and a heightened awareness of the power of music, Terry Christopher brings his passion for life and his wide-range of talents to each and every undertaking. His personal mantra of 'Spread The Word & Spread The Music' has helped to widen his global fan base and the buzz is steadily growing louder. As noted in one of the many reviews praising his musical endeavors efforts, "Terry is a force to be reckoned with" and in all that Terry creates, he sets out to prove those words correct.

This wordsmith's journey is only just beginning.

As written by: Roxanne Blanford
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