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Probably Wrong
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Probably Wrong
To Oblivion
Indie Pop
Length: 3:52
On Network Since Jul 18, 2007
the brothers dimm
SongVault Certified Artist the brothers dimm

California, United States

Indie Pop / Pop

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Not really brothers in the biblical sense, The Brothers Dimm are defintely bound together musically. Ever since Dave B was born and told his Mom "I see myself driving a piano", he became an unstoppable force playing piano and accordian at shopping malls all over the west coast. On the other side of town Drayfus Grayson kept the nuns at bay playing sweet tunes in class on his guitar purchased at Sears and Roebuck and dreaming about Marshall stacks. Years later, the two formed a band called the Young Danglers. Needless to say, they didn't get invited to play at any church functions. Fast forward to the year 2006. With internationally known drummer Paul Marangoni joining the group they have released their first album of clever, sometimes melancholy and catchy tunes. With a nod to Squeeze and XTC and with a lush George Martinesque production style, the Brothers Dimm hope you will enjoy "To Oblivion"
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