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One Night Stand By Nado Ft. Neli
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One Night Stand By Nado Ft. Neli
Fire Walker
HipHop / Rap
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The Department
SongVault Certified Artist The Department

Maryland, United States

East Coast Rap / HipHop / Rap

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The Department is one of the new talents to remain unsigned on the hip hop music scene. With a familiar flow but yet always evolving the two members Nado and Verse have grown into the complete MC's. Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland both Nado and Verse met in 1993 and have remained friends ever since. It wasn't until the summer of 2000 that Nado decided at the age of 17 to become a rapper. After years of training on how to capture the essence of an MC, Nado began to develop his style little by little, by using nothing more then his DVD player's a-b option, repeating the instrumental of any song with a clear ending to loop. In 2003 Verse at the age of 20 having watched Nado for the past 3 years decided to try his hand at it as well, using much of the same approach. With the knowledge that both artists had a late start to attempt a passage in the rap game, they both felt the pressure to work even more harder to accomplish they're goals.

As with any musician there is an endless list of other artists that inspired them to strive for success in this business. With The Department this is no different. While vibing off other rappers such as Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, KRS-One, Public Enemy and many others who they felt influenced the kind of artist they wanted to become and excel beyond, this fueled the duo to keep at they're craft and continue to mold it into something of greatness. The Department has been met with they're share of doubt by people on they're way to this point. But as all who are destined to obtain what may be seen as the unobtainable, they were not driven off the path. In fact they used it as motivation to even further take this opportunity and prove all the naysayer's wrong.

Having used almost every internet site available to promote they're music, The Department have received close to 70,000 plays on they're music page and topped the number 1 spot for 2 months in 2008 on the local myspace top artists list. Nado and Verse both promoting they're music in aol, yahoo, and myspace chat rooms, they have also learned thru interaction with countless people that they are ready to take center stage and reach for the star they once only dreamed about even coming close to. In 2009 Nado and Verse put together a CD containing 11 songs ranging from studio recordings to the most recent "at home" recordings. This of course brings us to present day and the conquest The Department continues. The time has come for these two artists to change the face of the entire industry by showing critics and fans they're particular style and what they represent if given the chance.
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