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Tiffany Randol
Tiffany Randol

New York, United States

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“Valeze has got their feet firmly planted in Blondie’s footsteps. Fronted by classically-trained Tiffany Randol, this band (with their frenetic breakdowns and breathy vocals) will take you right back to Studio 54!” — NY Press

Rocking the dirtiest clubs on the East Coast... Crawling the avenues of New York City when the lights go down... Stalking future fans in naughty chat rooms on the web... Ruthlessly leaving their mark on as many objects - and people - as possible, you’ll find VALEZE.

Respected for their DIY attitude and hard work, Valeze's self- released EP “Go Go Go!” produced by Nic Hard (Bravery, Aberdeen City, The Church) and their “Go Go Go” video has had over 150,000 views on YouTube. They’ve performed on Good Day NY, Fox TV’s Fearless Music,

the prestigious GBH party at Hiro Ballroom, independently toured the Northeast, West Coast, and Canada; shared the stage with bands like the Samples, American Minor, Diamond Nights, and the Redwalls; and have been sponsored by Eventide, Sam Ash, Garnier Fructis, and Amp Energy/Mountain Dew.
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