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All Songs Connected Disconnect Song of Neverland Waiting for the Rain
Waiting for the Rain - 11th Movement: Healing Rain
#45 in Classical SongVault Certified
Waiting for the Rain - 11th Movement: Healing Rain
Waiting for the Rain
Classic Symphony
Length: 9:46
On Network Since Feb 5, 2009
Song of Neverland
#62 in Classical SongVault Certified
Song of Neverland
Song of Neverland
Classic Symphony
Length: 14:48
On Network Since May 31, 2010
Disconnected Connect
#7 in Rock SongVault Auditions
Disconnected Connect
Connected Disconnect
Instrumental Rock
Length: 6:51
On Network Since Mar 17, 2023
Timothy S. Klugh
SongVault Certified Artist Timothy S. Klugh

Grove City
Ohio, United States

Adult Contemporary / Contemporary Classical

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I have been writing music since I was three years old. I have written over 400 songs. A lot of the music I have released can be heard on my streaming audio radio station at I do most of my music work in my own studio called T.S. Klugh Studio (www. I am constantly in the process of making more music.
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