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All Songs Reflections of Life
Black Girl
#436 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Black Girl
Reflections of Life
East Coast Rap
Length: 4:08
On Network Since Mar 12, 2012
SongVault Certified Artist WazMost

New Jersey, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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WazMost producer/mc representing from the BrickCity area (Newark, E.O, Irvington)N.J. Made his debut as a member of the group Lost Generation with the track“Represent My Niggas” on the compilation album “The Union Presents Organize Ryhmes”. This project included hip hop legends such as the late greats Guru from Gangstar, Big L and many others. Through the years he’s work with up and coming artist as well as established artist such as Heather B and Mighty Maad from the creator of the movie “Dirty Game” but more importantly his brother Nocturnal former Hit Squad member. In 2011 started and independent label with Nocturnal and little sister Ms Bee called Workhorse Enterprize. Producing 90% of the Nocturnal debut album “2ND WIND” WazMost is on fire with his soulful loops and dominating percussion. Making his solo debut with the single “Black Girl” and album “Reflections Of Life” you get a chance to
enter into his world. Melodic tracks coupled with laid back lyrical precision, and vivid
story telling “R.O.L” is going to be one for the collection.
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