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SongVault Easy Listening Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
Rafiya A Song For Haiti (You Are Not Abandoned) Rafiya Certified
Ian Rushton A Tune For Taylor Ian Rushton Finals
Dasha Stapen Again Again Again Dasha Stapen Auditions
MafitoeLegacy MafitoeLegacy am so alone MafitoeLegacy MafitoeLegacy MafitoeLegacy Showcase
Mindi Brizendine At Last Mindi Brizendine Finals
Marina V Babushka Marina V Certified
Adeline  Yeo Breathtaking Symphony Drean Adeline Yeo Auditions
David Burns Come On In David Burns Certified
larry warren CUTIE PIE larry warren Auditions
Cyclone SA Bafana ba piano Cyclone SA Bafana Ba Piano { Drive me crazy } Cyclone SA Bafana ba piano Auditions
Gene O'Connor Feeling Kinda Happy Gene O'Connor Auditions
Elder Otis G Johnson Help Our World-Heari Lee Elder Otis G Johnson Auditions
SPBY WAR I still love you SPBY WAR Finals
shantel hobson i wantu shantel hobson Certified
Ella x I will follow my dream Ella x Auditions
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Easy Listening Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Al Bachmann & Elizabeth Stein Al Bachmann & Elizabeth Stein Polka 2 Caledonia, Ontario
David Burns David Burns Singer/Songwriter 1 Everett, Washington
Gazpacho Andalú Gazpacho Andalú International 3 New York, New York
Ian Rushton Ian Rushton Orchestral Pop 1 Auckland, Auckland
Jan Walravens Jan Walravens 1 Biscayne Park, Florida
Jaustian Productions Jaustian Productions Easy Listening 1 Great Falls, Montana
Marina V Marina V Adult Contemporary 1 Los Angeles, California
Rafiya Rafiya Soul 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Roman Palacios Roman Palacios 1 San Diego, California
Romanza Romanza Lounge / Vocal 1 Vancouver, BC
Russian Duo Russian Duo 1 Cleveland, Ohio
shantel hobson shantel hobson International 2 upland, California
Steve Kirk Steve Kirk Orchestral Pop 1 Oakland, California
Wild Wilson Wild Wilson Polka 1 Richfield, Minnesota


Breathtaking Symphony Drean (2022)
Adeline Yeo
Easy Listening
Added February 25th

Take Away The Good Times (2022)
Adeline Yeo
Easy Listening
Added February 25th

Ngigcinel' uMah (2020)
Elwandle C
Easy Listening
Added January 4th

Illusion of Forest River (2013)
Rene Saucier
Easy Listening
Added October 2nd

There is no good in goodbye (2018)
Emmanuel Confuser
Easy Listening
Added November 19th

CUTIE PIE (2018)
larry warren
Easy Listening
Added March 4th

Varable Factors (2007)
Alex Jenkins
Easy Listening
Added October 11th

Nightfall (2008)
Alex Jenkins
Easy Listening
Added October 11th
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